Meet the Staff of Mahomet Car Connection

Jeff Alsop - Service Manager

217-586-1942 -

Jeff is our Service/Parts Manager and he has 37 years experience in the automotive industry. His hobbies include muscle cars, boating, camping and ILLINI sports. "I like to help people do what's best for them in their automotive needs. We can help them to repair wisely or help them replace their vehicle if that's the better choice." 

Get to know a bit more about Jeff:
Where is your Hometown? Champaign
What is your favorite quote? "That's not a knife, this is a knife!" - Crocodile Dundee
What is your favorite team? Denver Broncos
What is your dream car? 1970 Olds. 442W30 
Where is the best place you've traveled to and why? Key West, Florida - The ocean and the Jimmy Buffet laid back attitude you can find there. 

Zoe Groff - Office Manager

217-586-1942 -

Zoe loves working with knowledgeable and honest people, "It is a breath of fresh air." When Zoe isn't in the office she is spending time with her family, her husband and two boys. 

Get to know a bit more about Zoe:
What is your Hometown? Kankakee, Illinois
What is your favorite team?  Mahomet Aqua Dogs! Go Bulldogs!
What do you do on your perfect day off? Sleep in until 7 am! Enjoy the day with my family doing whatever we need to do inside or outside (due to weather) then watch a movie together on the couch with a huge bowl of buttered popcorn!!!
What is your favorite movie quote?  "It doesn't matter it is in the past." - Rafiki, The Lion King
Any random facts your could share?  I used to drive a big truck hauling US Mail from Chicago to Boston with my husband.

Fred Dorries - ASE Master Gold Certified Lead Technician

217-586-1942 -

Fred is our Lead Tech and an ASE Master Gold Certified Technicians. He just sold his 68 Resto-Mod Mustang to buy a 2016 Mustang. Fred also has a huge collection of diecast models. Fred has worked on all makes and models as he has been a mechanic since 1975.  He also enjoys spending a lot of time with his family. 

Get to know a bit more about Fred:
Where is your Hometown? San Juan Rico - Moved to California, Arizona, Colorado, and Southern Illinois 
What is your favorite team? Cubs
What is your favorite movie quote? "2.1 Gigawhats!" -Back To The Future
What do you do on a perfect day off?  Drive somewhere or a good movie
What is your dream car? A Mustang

Nate Bloom - Expert Technician

217-586-1942 -

Nate is a Volkswagen Expert Certified Technician with over 10 year experience. He specializes in European cars and imports. Nate also is an avid Chicago sports fan. He also plays hockey in an adult league. Nate enjoys the people he gets to work with at MCC because, "We are all here for same reason, the customers, it's great to be part of team with same goal in mind." 

Get to know a bit more about Nate:
Where is your Hometown?  Glenview Illinois, born in Chicago
What is your favorite sport?  To play: Hockey To watch: NFL, NBA
What is your favorite local place to eat? Seven Saints
What is your favorite movie quote? "Where we're going we don't need roads." - Back To The Future 2
What is your dream car? Just 1!!!!!  I will take a Ferrari F-40

Tanner Wiese - Sales Consultant

217-586-1942 -

Tanner enjoys the family working environment of Mahomet Car Connection. He has fun being able to work with cars, his passion. When he is not at MCC he is working on cars in his spare time, his current project is a '96 Jeep Cherokee. 

Get to know a bit more about Tanner:
What is your Hometown? Mahomet
What is your favorite local place to eat? Pizza Roma in Fisher, IL
What is your favorite movie quote?  "If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball." - Dodgeball
Where is the best place you've traveled and why? Hawaii, because it was absolutely beautiful!!
What is your favorite sport?  Motorcross

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